The Competition Marathon

For 6 shows we set listeners aginst one another to vie for our affections. Every show we set our listeners tasks to complete over the course of a fortnight. Tasks that are designed to humiliate and objectify in equal measure. 


Following each task, we picked a top three & assigned points to each of them. After 3 months of grueling endeavour the top three were rewarded with swell prizes.


Following this harowing ordeal, the league table looked like this :


1st - Barry Somers (32pts)

2nd - YoDa (20pts)

3rd - Colin Somers (14pts)

4th - Carla (10 pts)

5th - Joanne (6pts)

5th - Jon Lyon (6pts)


Barry won himself a haul of (sort of) stationary. An offical Sorry Not in Service pen, keyring torch and tape measure set. With YoDa and Dr Colin each receiving a tape measure.


Many Gord-gratulation-nos to you Barry, YoDa and Dr Colin!