Clean Windows


Welcome you hoary old dogs to this extra special Sorry Not in Service podcast. 'Why so special?' We hear you splutter as you finish off your 4th pint of beefshake. Well, it features not one, not two, but TWO of your regular presenters PLUS the extraordinary comic stylings of our brother Richard. He really is a #ultramegadude and a mean compiler of all things.

We discuss Richard's Top 5, his advice for Simon about child rearing, and our memories of Richard's yute/yoot/yout (delete as correct). We also neatly put the PodPodCageCage feature to bed.

Some might call this the most self indulgent Sorry Not in Service ever, but they would be fools to do so because they are doofuses. You wouldn't want to be a doofus now would you?

To download the podcast, turn off at Junction 6 or consider the Lillys