Podcast 3


Person A: 'Fancy meeting you here, you're looking well. Have you had a nose job?'

Person A: 'I thought so.'

Person A: 'Yes, Dr Dexter is a marvel with a scalpel isn't he? Anyway, must dash, I've got a baked potato in the oven and it won't butter, cheese, tuna mayo and side salad itself now will it?'

Person A: 'Actually, just before I pop off can I give you the latest Sorry Not in Service podcast? It's Podcast 3 (see title) and is 42 minutes long. Yes you're right, that IS one minute less cumbersome than a PodCage podcast. It's got a dog, an Audio Pictionary competition, Will not being drunk and some admin in it. It really is the full ticket.'

Person A: 'What's that?'

Person A: 'You'll treasure it forever?'

Person A: 'That's right, you will.'

Person A: 'Now bugger off.'

Corpse A: *continued reverential silence*


N.b. If you'd like to be like Corpse A, you can download the podcast by thumping the ground or chewing on a bad Malteser.