Check you out with your internet connection. Ooooh la-di-daa, aren't you just Lord/Lady Muck with your cutting edge technology? Well Lord/Lady Muck, we are your humble servants and will bow and scrape to you and your every whim.

Speaking of which, that whim you had to download and listen to a nice fresh Sorry Not in Service podcast has been fulfilled. Here it is!

In this one, Simon has doubled his initial outlay on the home studio in an effort to improve the audio quality, with the inevitable consequences (it is worse). Will tells us about his Darty Party, we review PodCage in PodPodCageCage and we hear from the voice of reason, Tooty Baghorn.

All in all, it's 59 minutes of your life that you won't get back. Like every other minute you've ever had.

To download the podcast in all of it's tumescence, pick up a stick or purchase some drill-bits.