Many Happy Returns


Welcome along dearest listener (you are the dearest one to us, don't let on to the others though - they are very needy people).

The responsibility enforced hiatus is half over! That's right, while Simon is still coming to terms with the fact he can no longer spend his weekends and week day nights splayed on the sofa watching Challenge TV, William is available and has stepped up to the plate and then deposited something on the plate*

Simon may be back for the next one, depending on how time consuming parenthood is. We can report that he pleasantly surprised to learn that he still has time to edit a podcast and write this introduction to it. Quick tip for other new parents, cupboards are excellent, money saving alternatives to child minders.

So make love, one and all!

To download the podcast, dye your hair green or tickle a vicar. To listen to the full show, eat some pork.


* The plate in this metaphor is 10radio and the item deposited on it is a radio show, latterly turned into this podcast.