There'll Always Be Moira Stuart


Welcome to the podcast that The Times of London has described as ‘a seminal piece of work, a bit like the Jesus story crossed with something else that is really cool - a must listen. xxx’

Moreover, the Queen is now confirmed as a subscriber and if hearsay is to be believed, HearSay are also keen. Lead singer Clive Dugdale was recently seen falling out of a popular Folkestone nightspot whilst listening to said podcast. So it really is very good.

In this one, we get our debate on again and receive e-mails sent from an iPhone! We also learn about self control, Will’s latest attempts to get fired from Sainsbury’s and have a grape thrown at a mouth.

If you’d like to download the podcast, eat a haddock or punch a newt. To hear the version with all the pop music still on it, make a barge. To book you place on the ‘How to Be As Attractive as Prunella Scales’ seminar, go to Luton at 7pm.