Playing Around With the Form


Person A: Please may I have a bar of Snickers please?

Person B: Certainly

Person A: How much is it?

Person B: 60p

Person A: That seems a little steep

Person B: It is what it is, if you want them cheaper then you're probably better served going to a large supermarket chain who have the buying power to bring in stock for a much cheaper rate and pass that on to the customer. Sure, it's less money but all you're really doing is lining the pockets of big business and somewhere along the way, someone will be feeling the pinch. Buy it here and you're boosting the local economy. The admittedly higher mark up in my shop will be reinvested in the community in one way or another be it the staff I employ or the local man who cleans my windows.

Person A: Makes sense, I'll do my best. Trouble is, I don't have 60p. All I have is 34p and either this Sorry Not in Service podcast from iTunes or this one from Podbean

Person B: I'll take the podcast and you can have as many Snickers as you want. That podcast is flipping ace. It's got What's Tom Up To Tom on it from off of the smash podcast PodCage.

Person A: Seems like a fair deal, I've also got the version with the pop music on

Person B: You can have my daughter as well if you give me that.

Person C: Sorry, couldn't help overhearing. Why do you keep the Snickers behind the counter?