We Mentioned It Once, But We Think We Got Away With It


Have you got your voting card with you? Thank you… Oh. You know it’s not appropriate to scrawl your voting intentions in blood all over the card don’t you? Also, I don’t think there’s an option to vote for ‘My Trousers Will Be Your Redemption’. All things considered, you’ve botched voting. Let’s hope the rest of the country doesn’t.

Just in case they do, here’s the latest Sorry Not in Service podcast which should offer some light relief. It’s got very few references to any kind of EU referendum, a smattering of baby chat, advice from Will about public confrontations, a couple of snippets about the referendum, household maintenance tips, a bit on the EU vote and two mentions of terrible vengeance.

Put simply, it’s a two hour radio broadcast, edited together in the early hours of the morning and uploaded to the internet on a Saturday.

To download the podcast, punch this vicar or drive a car into a hedge. To listen to the version of the show that contains the pop music, wend your merry way to Peterborough. To have your chin tickled by a robotic Luther Vandross, ask it nicely.