Assumpta From the Sealife Centre


Here's a bit of psychological horse play to kick things off: Quickly re-arrange the following words into a sentence:

Have floundering beef blunder grand flippers of an to horse cauliflower phonebox so can drubbing.

Well isn't that revealing? We always thought you were a dangerous person with an unhealthy grudge against the clergy and/or logging companies. Delve further into the results and it turns out that deep within your mind hole you are desperate for the latest podcast of Sorry Not in Service. Well isn't this your lucky day? Yes is the answer to that question.

In this show, there a tale from NOT A RACIST about his NOT INFIDELITY LADEN trip to Ireland, news of what he left behind, Will's recent interaction with children on bikes, dead dogs and Rob and loads of other things that you will hear if you've got the guts.

To download the podcast version, raise your right hand or left hand. To listen to the version with all the pop music, lift your right eyebrow. For a full system flush, give it some welly.