The Prettiest Mum in the Schoolyard / Violent Grudge


A question for you:

Where the hell do you get off? I mean really, you turn up here all disheveled with your bobs and your bits hanging out. You clearly haven't showered for weeks, your clothes have swears written all over them and your breath smells of iron ore. You're a disgrace.

That said, you are slap bang in the middle of the Sorry Not in Service demographic so you have at least come to the right place. Here is the broadcast of that self same show (see words 12-15 of this paragraph) that went out on the Crumpteenth of Bloatember Fourteen Angsty Flounce.

It's got all sorts on it, including: catchprases! tv listings! familial reparations! botched human interactions! pub! and misc!

If you'd like to download the podcast, then go to Chippenham or Dunfirmline. To listen to the broadcast with all the pop music on it, go to Gateshead. For a list of all the numbers that exist, go to your local vicarage.