Grotesque Ham Mouthwash Widows


Oh my OMG! It's YOU again! We haven't seen you since you did that 24 hours sponsored fistfightathon. You were such an aggressive judge that day. Good to see you in more sanguine mood.

In an effort to keep you chipper, here's the Sorry Not in Service show from xxxxxxxx (pick a date, it really doesn't matter).

This one's a tour de France!

We've got social mis-steps, a gradual takeover of mainland Europe (careful now), a touching but also incredibly dis-tasteful eulogy, an enormous Pelican, the adventures of Will and his friend Norbert and blah blah blah, yadda, yadda, so on and so forth.... Just listen to it and write your own list of what's included.

To download the podcast version, blow on this little piggy's house or this little piggy's house. To listen to the longer version with the pop music on it, knock politely on this porcine homeowner's door. If you'd like to see exclusive up-trouser shots of Ian Woosnam, lie down in his wardrobe.