Kissing it Better


Thank goodness you're here. You have no idea how pleased we are to see you. I'm sorry that it was such a late phone call and I know you were busy with the Christening, but these shoe laces won't tie themselves.

Oooh, while you're here, get your listening tackle around the latest Sorry Not in Service broadcast. It's got the usual ACE hosts on it PLUS a lean, mean gestation machine. That right, our mother, the wonderful Jo Lea is/was in the studio, regaling us with tales of how we became so cool, how clever and handsome we are and why all the other mothers are such losers. There is also a section from the Mother's Guide to First Aid.

Furthermore, news of an exciting competition linked to our charity crispus album which can be got here:

For the cut out (download) and keep (keep) podcast version, go to this place, or this one. To listen to the version fat with pop music go here. For advice on what to do and say when confronted with a monster, speak to your MP.


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