What is Tom and Jules and William and Simon Up To Now?


At no point did we say this was a fancy dress event. Oh. Well this is awkward. Tell you what, why don't you pop those clothes off and then sit down for dinner. Fancy dress or no fancy dress, it is quite off-putting.

Now that we're all singing from the same hymn sheet, welcome along to the Sorry Not in Service show that was broadcast on the such and such of so and so, 2015. It's a hum dinger and no mistakin'. As the title suggests, we're joined on the show by the incredible man who tells you what he is up to, and his wonderful lady chum partner who can see what he's up to, and doesn't seem to mind.

Learn all about Tom and his past, his relationship with Simon and the films that were until recently on at the cinema that he works in.

Not only that but you can hear all about our exciting new charity record. Go to this for details.

To download the cut out and keep podcast, go to this place or this place. To listen to the feature length version of the show, make yo way over here. For a roll of delicious marzipan, just sit back and wait, we'll get it out to you soon.


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