Sorry Not in Service Jest Wspaniały


What the hell is that on your face? I'm serious, get it off at once. This is a WH Smiths, not a knocking shop.

Pleasantries aside, welcome to the Sorry Not in Service show. Broadcast to you, the public, on the blah blah blah of so and so. Within it (Winnit) is the usual waffle and dorb plus some actual Polish language, Will's adventures with water, a link that got totally out of hand and some much needed publicity for a major supermarket. It's like rubbing gravel in your ears but in a good way (is there any other?).

To download the podcast then QUICK, RUN! over here or indeed here. To listen to the show with the pop music all over it then go here. If you'd like to find out where the police are hiding your curling tongs then go to Kidderminster and await our instructions.


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