If Only I Could Turn Back Time


And what a sight you are, all togged up to the nines. You really do scrub up well. That said, I’m not convinced the drawing on your face of Fred Durst is entirely appropriate for a funeral. Still, who are we to judge?

And speaking of Fred Durst, here is the broadcast of the Sorry Not in Service show that went out on the 21st Aug 20FIFTEEN. It was Simon’s birthday the day before, so merriment is in the air.

Also in the air, is a Caravan countdown, more correspondence from Tooty Baghorn, Will’s singing tales, Fly swatting and some very special news about a very special Bovine beauty.

It’s literally a show that could be described as a radio broadcast uploaded to the internet.

To download the podcast, move your behind (metaphor for internet browser) here, or here. To listen to the podcast, go here. If you'd like to listen to the broadcast with the pop music on it, you can stream it here. If you need your inside leg measured, then come round to Simon's house between 7-9am on any given Tuesday.


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