The Adventures of Mr Tooty Baghorn


Well, well, well, haven't you grown? You must be what, 6 foot now? A six footer! Many congratulations your majesty.

Formalities aside, welcome to the show broadcast on a date in the past. Enclosed, you will find not only the horoscopes, an American, an What's Tom Up To Tom, and an events guide but ALSO (we can't state that enough) a new man in our lives, Will's guide to finding Alex on Cothlestone Hill, Simon's future daughter, and a brand new potentially ruinous way to live your life. You're V* Welcome. *Very.

So hold hands with a loved one (having asked their permission before dong so) and enjoy the thing that this purports to be.

To download the podcast version of this, go here or here and know me better man. For the music laden version go here and know me better man. For a cut out and keep guide on how to become the Right Honourable Member of Parliament for Bridlington, first get some scissors and know me better man.


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