Fission! No! Fusion!



Are your trousers on firmly? Yes? Jolly good. Then we'll begin.

Welcome to the edited 'highlights' of the show broadcast on the <insert date> on 10Radio. It was well hot & stuffy in the studio but you'd do well to notice it having a negative effect on the hosts as we investigated how to engage with work experience children, how to engage with salesman at a trade show, how to engage with your future and how to engage with the police. It's a very engaging show. GUFFAW!

If you'd like to download the podcast, then go here or here. To listen to the podcast on this hear website, then go here. To listen to the feature length version of the show with all the music, point your ears here. If you need advice on how to patch up a hole in your undercrackers when all you have in the house is an old cat, then see us after school.


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