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Welcome to the podcast. Come on in, make yourself at home. Oh, you have. Well, we don't tend to do THAT at home. Not fully clothed anyway. OK, well I suppose variety is the spice of life.

Now that you’ve made yourself comfortable (again, it’s fine, I just wish you’d warned us first) have yourself a listen to the Sorry Not in Service show, let loose on June the 21 in 20 fifteen.

There are tales from a Druid fest, a taste test, rhymes, events, grubby Hanx and the usual Barry Somers that you’ve all come to expect.

In the words of Angela Rippon: ‘It is jeffing ace, you massive prannet’.

To get your grubby little ears on the podcast version of this show, then go here or if you're iTunes sceptic, here. To listen to the version of the show with the pop music go here. For tips on how to fast track Aunt Helga’s inheritance money arriving, then go to write to us here.