Bovine Procreation Fluid

David Bovine.jpg


Hands up if you like hearing radio show hosts skirting dangerously close to indecency, in a vain attempt to keep people from turning the radio off and watching TFI Friday instead? All of you? Well, that is indeed gratifying. Good to know we're on the right track.

Enclosed (just pretend the internet is a sort of content envelope) are the highlights of the program broadcast on the 12th June 2015. In it (innit) we celebrate Jurassic Park day, fill up your events calendar for the next fortnight, chat about certain fluids (a little to early in the show) and discover the link between Kiwi cricketers and all pop songs.

To get yo hands/ears on the popmusicless podcast then move your cursor over hear or ear. Furthermore, to listen to the popmusiclessless fuller version of the broadcast, go heer.


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