Je Suis Désolé, Je Suis Anglais

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And welcome one and all, to this, the podcast of a thing that happened on a night in a town.

This show was full to the brim with tales of adventure from the thinking man's Alan Whicker, as William 'they call me The Travelator' Lea returned from his holidays in Morocco. From the language barrier, via the drunken arrival, all the way to the mis-direction to a place he didn't want to go to, you will hear all about how he made the visit such a success.

There are also Reverse Hitlers too.

To get your sound holes (ears (clearly)) around the podcast, turn to page 71, or turn to page 113. To stream the podcast on this internet box, then go to page 21. The longer version that includes the hot pop, AND retains the other detritus, lives on page 622.


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