You Can't Put a Price on a Good Broadcast - £8.99



You can stop looking down the back of your disgusting sofa, you’ve found it - it’s the latest podcast from Sorry Not in Service, the people Angela Merkel has called ‘Der finest broadcasters since sliced bread’.

In this show you will be OVERJOYED to find a sweary What’s Tom Up to Tom, some 10 parish activities to keep your whistle nicely whetted, an American life that will quite literary knock your socks up, news of an abdominal growth and Simon’s latest adventures in the world of erotic merchandise.

It truly is a period of time that was recorded on a local radio station in April and subsequently uploaded to the internet.

To get hold of the podcast version of the show, go to this place, or this place. Hears where you can here it. Or, to listen to the show with all the music as well go here. To learn about the Cretaceous period in bitesize chunks, go to the information superhighway.