Wasps, Weddings and Waking Up

Barry bride.jpg


And what a Gordano it is too. If you’re allergic to spectacular radio then open your medicine cupboard, and prepare to put your faith in those Costcutter anti-histamines that you’ve been avoiding using for the past 6 years.

We have (in order of colour) tips for fuel efficiency and increased alertness, a surprise visitor with some extraordinary news, an American life, a run down of upcoming parish events, and some mother flipping horoscopes. It is truly and cacophony of things.

Because of the above excitements there is also some content that is ropier than Mr. R. Ope, head rope maker in the recently fictionalised town of Ropehampton. But to be honest, you'd have to be on your game to spot it.

If you would like to download the podcast version of this event, then head to this place or this place. To listen to the podcast without leaving this particular service station on the information superhighway, go here. To give your ears a real bruising, then force them to listen to the extended version with all the pop music on it in this area.


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