A Cloud of Burning Chaffinches

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Sorry we're late, we were busy practicing our ace martial arts skills in the car park and lost track of the time.

In this special edition of Sorry Not in Service, our host numbers are down by a cool 50% as Simon was off gallivanting in a city, but fear thee not as William was on hand to save the day as ’twere. This show contains some cutting edge adverts, VAT advice, a kind of lullaby, some horoscopes and 4 times the recommended daily dose of custard creams. Yum.

If you'd like to spend time in Will's company, you can download the podcast from here, or here. To listen to it, go here. If you would like to spend even more time with Will, then go to his house. Or if you are bashful, listen to the longer version of this show here. It has the pop music on it.


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