Chomping on a Tramp's Ear With Alan Davies


It's been too long. You've done something with your hair haven't you? It's dreadful. Put it back the way it used to be, it's not that sort of party.

Formalities aside, welcome to the podcast of the show broadcast on the 20th February 2015. You are very welcome.

In this broadcast we accidentally reveal a grubby truth about Alan Davies, take Chris Rea apart, shove some horoscopes in your chops, get our chat on plus all the other waffle masquerading as content. Again, you're very welcome.

To download the podcast, pop your little tush over here or here, alternatively to listen to it on this here website go here. If you'd like to hear the pop music AND the words because you are greedy then take a left turn at the next junction on the information superhighway and aim for here.


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