The Gentleman's Relish



Welcome along to the birthday party. What do you mean you haven't brought a gift along? For FFS sake. You are so unthoughtful. Go and sit in the larder with the others and think about what you have/haven't done.

While you're in there, why not listen to the latest podcast from Sorry Not in Service? It's got some troubling gifts, a review of that London, a toe that is dipped into Tom's lifestyle, an emotional poem and some horoscopes, and some other misc.

You won't regret it, and your parents will think more of you for doing it. Win win win.

To download the podcast go to here or here. To try before you buy, have a listen here. For the full broadcast including the pop music, head here. For photos of the events of this show go here and for a video of the London Review trundle off over here.


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