Going On Holiday With Toby Sheldon

Simon and Toby.jpg

And a very merry Gordano to one and all. Here’s the podcast from our pre-recorded show that went out on the 23rd January TWENTY-FIFTEEN.

It has got an ill host on it, it has got an obsessed men on it, it has got an saucy WTUT? (Acronym (What’s Tom Up To)) on it, it has got an horoscopes, it has got an prince Charles impression on it, it has got an all kinds of ker-ray-zee happenings on it.

Think of it as a round of bucking broncos that has got out of hand but is a radio show and you’re pretty much there.

p.s. You are beautiful.

To download teh podcast you can go here or here. To here it, go hear. If you'd like to hear the show with the pop music left in it, then go here. To find out how to contact the police with nothing but the power of your mind go to sorrynotinservice.com


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