Identity Crisis


And I thought we told you this was a black tie event? Never mind, you might as well come in.

Furthermore, this is the latest show from the folks that do all Sorry Not in Service and that on 10radio.

This show has got all sorts going on: There's the Horoscopes, Tom Tracking and Junk Mail but also some jeffing exciting news regarding Gordano the cow, the raising and resolving of an upcoming awkward social moment for Simon, rogue ladies, Knowles (Nick) bashing and Bieberphiles. It's packed (like when Will's got his Bulge Enhancing Unit attached).

If you'd like to download the podcast go to iTunes or here. To have yerself a listen online then pop over here. For a version with the pop music uncerimoniously left in and for some hot tips on what you can do with top-side, get yo self here.


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