It Comes From Her Teats

Gordano the cow.jpg

Gordano! (And we really mean it this time)

This is the latest show from the thinking person's Newsnight team, Sorry Not in Service.

It is chock full of nutrients and content including the dramatic return of Horoscopes, the never bettered What’s Tom Up To? feature, some edgy stuff about the previous show, Simon’s love desires and the introduction of someone very special into all of our lives.

In the words of Bob Hope: ‘it is a fu*king belter’.

To download the podcast version of this magnificent event and to learn how to fully satisfy your partner**, go here or here. To simply listen to the podcast on your stupid computer, go here. If you'd like to listen to the whole show warts (songs) and all, then click here.


*disguised swear word

** bedroom partner or business partner, either way you’ll be coming up smelling of roses.

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