A Show Less a Half

A show less a half.jpg


And welcome to a very special show. 'Why is it special?' we hear you bellow at the screen having first ripped your shirt off. Well, it's special in so much as it is 50% less busy.

If that isn’t enough to pique your interest, then there is also the return of the world famous Audio Pictionary feature, a glimpse into the workings of Tom's diary, a comprehensive answer to the question 'Did they learn anything from the visit of that man who does soniscope.com?' plus some more, and indeed some less.

If you enjoy prancing up and down <insert town name here> high street with a podcast, then head here or here to download it. However, if you like to remain seated in front of your computer and prefer the white water rafting style thrill of streaming media, then go here to listen to the podcast or here to listen to the show with all the ace pop music still in it (innit).


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