A Brief History of the Future

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Q: Boy o boy o girl o girl are you in for a treat?

A: Yes. Yes you are.

For this show we were joined in the studio by Sam Haughton, the creator and good man behind the splendid music website www.soniscope.com. He/it is great and he/it was a tremendous guest. You'll find out.

We also had a posse in the studio which gave the show a classy feel to it. Alongside Soniscope and the posse were the usual dregs of radioville: Horoscopes, Junk Mail, the gripping finale of our Downton Abbey reviews, our Who Seen Best feature and the yet to be bettered What's Tom Up To? bit.

It's a treat for the ears, and they deserve it.

To download the podcast, go here or here. To do a listen on it, head here. For the full version which is longer and has the full length pop music, then move yo sweet behind here.


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