Brothers in Arms

Gor-mother flipping-Dano!

Welcome along dearest listener (you're our favourite one, the others are idiots) to the podcast of the Sorry Not in Service show that went out on the 3rd October 2014.

In this show we were joined in the studio by ACTUAL brothers Barry & Colin from the wonderful Barry & Dr Colin show which is making it's welcome return to 10radio. The four of us dissect (in real terms) the strength of brotherly understanding AND the patience of 10radio listenership.

Alongside this, we have your horoscopes for the future, a recap on the 1st two episodes of the 5th series of Downton Abbey PLUS (and we can't emphasise this enough) an interview with top chuckle chap, Pete Johansson who is on tour now. Check his tour dates at

To get your disgusting hands on the podcast, go here or here. To listen to it, go here. To hear a larger, more beefy version that has the music on it, go here/hear.

Have at you!

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