Signs, Dreams & Ban Ki Moon

BKM Zodiac.jpg

Welcome to the mystical world of Sorry Not in Service, where we tackle your dreams, have visions of your future and hear from a very special man.

This show also contains high levels of potassium as well as our Who Seen the Best feature, a rollercoaster interview with a pop star and a report from our resident scientist. It is a good.

Having taken advice from Erotica's Duncan Elliott, we have decided that from now on our mixcloud uploads will have the flab edited out like we do on the podcast, but they will still contain the wicked pop records that we play. Hopefully this will improve the listening experience (as much as that is possible). Go hear.

If you hate pop music or would like to spend less time in our company then head here, here or here to download the podcast or to just have a listen, go here.

Let's make love.


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