Question Rich


Well, well, wellity well, have we got a show for you? Yes.

You lucky listeners are getting three presenters for the price of none as your usual hosts are joined in the studio by fellow brother Richard for this end of exams special. Richard finished his GCSE exams, and was immediately whisked off to begin his radio career with spectacular results.

We discuss exams (obviously) and ask questions posed to Richard by our artificially inflated listenership. What a humdinger.

Further to this, the World Cup TM is given a thorough previewing, we discuss a potentially lucrative offer received by e-mail, instruct you on how to return some hate mail that you may have received in the post, re-hash some old features and make merry.

To download the podcast, go here or here. To do a listen on it, go here. For the full show, have youself a cheeky listen here.


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