What the Hell is Mr Chips Up To?


Here lyeth the Sorry Not in Service show that went out on the 18th April 2014.

A show in which we asked the following:

What would be in your ultimate picnic?

What would be in Moira Stuart's ultimate night out?

What is Mr Chips up to?

What length would you go to in order to receive €4.80?

What state are our our nips/tips in?

Find out the answers to some/none/a few of these by listening to the show.

Download the podcast here or here. Listen to the podcast here. Or if you're feeling brave and want to listen to the full show including all the very bad bits that were strewn on the podcast cutting room floor then you can listen to the full show here or here.

Don't forget to enter the final round of our competition marathon here.

May God have mercy on Mr Chips' soul.


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