Challenge 5 - Moira Stuart's Ultimate Night Out

The penultimate competition of our record breaking competition marathon was for you to tell us what you think would be involved in Moira Stuart's Ultimate night out. We had two spectacular entrants for this competition. One was heavily researched and the other cumbersome with puns. We chose the pun one.

The winners are:


1st - YoDa

2nd - Barry '10 Radio' Somers


That means that as we go into the final round, the table looks like this:


1st - Barry Somers (22pts)

2nd - YoDa (20pts)

3rd - Colin Somers (14pts)

4th - Carla (10 pts)

5th - Joanne (6pts)

5th - Jon Lyon (6pts)


Below are Barry & Yoda's entries along with an interview with Moira Stuart herself.





Elsie Dodd grew up in a small town in the West Midlands the daughter of two parents. Her father was an expert in Egyptology and her Irish mother was a housewife who was famed in the neighbourhood for her hotpot. Elsie herself was a keen sculptor who was never afraid of using new materials but, as is often the case, she was influenced by her parents work and so developed the style known as My Ra Stew Art. Unfortunately Elsie couldn’t make a living as an artist and so she joined the BBC as a journalist and eventually was offered the job of Newsreader as long as she changed her name to something a bit less working class as was the style of the time. Elsie thought long and hard until she remembered her artistic past and native accent and came up with Moira Stuart. Following her semi-retirement from newsreading Elsie has returned to sculpture and in the evenings loves nothing better than getting involved with some Egypto-culinary art. She is looking forward to an exhibition of her work including a statue of Reginald Bosanquet made of Sekhmet and Khepri Pie, a bust of Fiona Bruce created from Shu pastry (with a lovely chocolate topping) and, only viewable inside a freezer cabinet, a representation of Hugh Edwards in Isis cream. I’m sure we can all look forward to the Bes of Elsie still to Khnum, with Nun of the bad days but many Hapy ones. She will Geb better Atum sculpture and is thinking along the lines of Anubis kit which could be sold in shops.


Barry '10 Radio' Somers


Being a Virgo Moira would obviously plan any night out with meticulous detail. Having a Radio 2 (never heard of it) show on the Sunday night and then commitments with the Ginger Wonder that is Chris Evans during the week, the only night free for excess is Friday.I think she would start out at about 6pm by going down the Spar and getting pre-loaded on Blue WKD, then off down to the Royal Albert Hall for a bit of Classical music which she likes. You know how the LPO like to knock off about 10 o'clock to get down to the pubs, well Moria would head on down to the Curry House for a Vindaloo (chance for a Fat Les song). After the Indian it would be down to the nearest House Party where they will playing the latest Dancehall Tunes after which she would stagger home to her bachelorette pad.


Our interview with Moira Stuart where she reveals what she would consider, her ultimate night out.