Merch and Dice

Slightly misleading page title, as there are no dices on the page. Hopefully that won't put you off reading further.




That's right, with Christmas 2015 fast approaching* what better time to buy yourself a Christmas album of original Christmas pop classics?


Also, what better way to make amends for all the awful things you've done this year by buying said album, because all of the money is going to the wonderful chairty Mind (


The CD costs £5 and the digital download version costs £3. It's worth at least some of the outlay you will make.


To get yourself a copy, then go here. Father Christmas will be very impressed if you do, and you might just get that Sega Megadrive you wanted after all.





* If you're reading this after Christmas 2015, then exchange the 2015 part of the sentance with the year you live in.