SEEING OTHER PEOPLE or 105.3fm from within the 10 parishes

10 radio is the home of Sorry Not in Service. A radio station set up in 2008 in Wiveliscombe, Somerset to serve it's local 10 parishes.


It exists to provide an excellent community hub, giving opportunities to those who would not normally get a voice, those that provide great community content, and those who turn up on a semi regular basis and fill the airwaves with detritus.

The Barry & Dr Colin Show

Cheif rival to the Kings of Radio crown(s)

Our Posse Barry and his brother Colin entertain the troops each Saturday between 8pm-10pm. Join them on for the Think Link, their album of the week and interviews with the stars

Johnny Doo

The man who's fault this truly is

Johnny Doo is the host of 'Minimal Mayhem & Melody' on A show that goes out on Wednesday evenings from 11pm - 1am and is chock full of some of the most extraordinary sounds you will hear outside of Ulan Bator.

Johnny is by and large a mystery. Nobody knows what he looks like or indeed how many O Levels he has.

Sorry Not in Service were introduced to 10radio through Johnny's agent who has been a chum of the chaps for many years and gave them their big break when they co-hosted a Johnny Doo Radiohead special in early 2013.

He is a great man and will also do you a      t-shirt/rug

Dave Urwin - Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run

He do running and writing

Dave Urwin is a runner and a writer AND all round good egg.

His book, Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run is out now, get in contact with him here, order a copy, then go about your business pronto bronto


The thinking man's Ace of Base

Carnivorrrr is the creation of the incredible Bob Sainsbury. One man, one guitar, one amp and a sack full of pedals. Carnivorrrr creates some exceptional sonic landscapes. You are free to walk around these landscapes but there may be something lurking behind them bushes. You can buy his album here. We recommend it.


It's got electronic music on it (music made out of wires)

If you like modern music and/or want to be the coolest dude on the high street, then head to Soniscope. Manned by the good chap Sam Haughton, it is a space to read about the latest in future sounds. Sam writes, reviews and interviews and is Simon's main source of pop music since CD:UK was taken off air.

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