Your 2nd challenge was to tell us what Gordano! means to you. William and I use it as a form of greeting or goodbye. An example of this can be found below, recorded at Gordano service station where it all began.


We doubled the number of entrants from the first round which is undeniable progress. You can see both entrants below. The winner is YoDa for his emotional tale of despair and longing. In second place is 10radio's very own Jon Lyon for his etymological humdinger. 


The leader board now looks like this:


1st = Barry Somers (10pts)

1st = YoDa (10pts)

3rd = Jon Lyon (6pts)





Gordano means to me hours spent gradually sliding into depression having been dropped off there whilst hitchiking. It was known throughout the country as the worst place to get a lift. Usually your only options to get out were walking into Bristol or death (there are several graves in one of the grassy banks).


Jon Lyon


Gordano apparently means 'dirty valley'. Therefore calling the place 'Gordano Valley' really means 'dirty valley valley'.