Challenge 4 - MORE Audio Pictionary

That's right listeners, MORE Audio Pictionary.


We enjoyed it so much the first time round that we thought we'd do it again. Below are the clues and below the clues are some of the extraordinary efforts that we received.


The top 3 entries are as follows:


1st - Carla (10pts)

2nd - Joanne (6pts)

3rd - Dr Colin (4pts)


If you're stupid and can't work out the answers from our contestant's pictures, they are:


Round 1: A racing car

Round 2: A drummer with a hat on

Round 3: A bus.


The league table currently looks like this as we go into the penultimate round of our record breaking competitionfest.


1st - Barry Somers (16pts)

2nd - Colin Somers (14pts)

3rd - Carla (10 pts)

3rd - YoDa (10pts)

5th - Joanne (6pts)

5th - Jon Lyon (6pts)