Challenge 6: Audio Catchphrase

Our final challenge to our fine listeners was to work out the catchphrases by following the below clues set by 'Mr Chips' as described by Simon & William.


It's like Catchphrase but without Roy Walker (for now).


In an exact mirror image of the first challenge, we recieved one entry. Again, from the one and only Barry '10 Radio' Somers who got two and a half of them correct. The half is because the third clue was meant to be 'Being a third wheel' however when we came to give the clue we accidentally did 'Two's company, three's a crowd.' So Barry was right, and we were wrong.


Therefore, the final scores are:


1st Barry Somers - 32 pts

2nd - YoDa - 20 pts

3rd - Dr Colin Somers - 14pts

4th - Carla Yeomans - 10 pts

5th - Joanne Lea - 6pts

5th - John Lyon - 6pts


Barry wins our haul of (sort of) stationary. An offical Sorry Not in Service pen, keyring torch and tape measure set. Many Gord-gratulation-nos to you Barry!


Below are the clues and the answers

Answer: Wouldn't say boo to a goose.

Answer: You are what you eat

Answer: Two's company, three's a crowd OR Being a third wheel